The Reserve

The Reserve

65 four bedroom terrace houses

• Community living and sustainable development
• Innovative response to landscape

This project’s main driver was the large stand of mature trees covering the site – highly regarded by both the council and the local community. The challenging client brief required a design solution which preserved the unique landscape while ensuring a financially viable return. The outcome was medium-density terrace housing with a focus on community interaction and sustainable development.

To protect the special qualities of the land, car parking was located underground, with a pedestrian plaza built over the top. The open pedestrian network, enhanced by shared recreation spaces, encourages a sense of community. Primary fabric materials, including bricks, concrete and timber, were locally sourced, to reduce the environmental impact of the development.

Additionally, large windows to maximise light and outlook, brick and cedar panelling to accent walls and landscape lighting to make common areas safe, create a unique and distinct urban design proposition.

The success of the podium design and the preservation and integration of the existing landscape provides a new model for terrace housing in Auckland.

Flat Bush, Auckland

Project status: Completed 2015

The Reserve