The Reserve, Long Bay

The Reserve, Long Bay

The Reserve

84 Residential Units

• Quality low-rise development by the sea
• Variety of residential typologies

This project is the second apartment offering in the prestigious Long Bay residential development, providing 84 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units on a north facing site within close proximity to the new town centre. The site has been developed efficiently with two buildings above basement car parking with a generous courtyard between allowing access to sun and views. A 14m height limit enables 4 spacious levels with nearly all units facing north. The central courtyard provides pedestrian and vehicular access as well as common space and landscape opportunities. Several apartment types and sizes are offered to cater for a range of predominantly owner occupiers. Creative use of material finishes which reference the immediate natural environment enhance the quality of the design.

Site Address: Windlass Road, Long Bay, North Auckland