South 83

South 83

South 83 Apartments

PB&A Project Architect: Rochelle Mahon

  • Medium-rise apartment development in Papakura
  • Quality lifestyle options in mixed-use zone

This project offers quality residential design in a neighbourhood currently transitioning from industrial/commercial to mixed-use. The twin tower layout makes efficient use of the site while maximising light and outlook for each apartment. The split-level design utilises the fall across the site in the most effective way, using the two blocks to form different residential spaces and orientations. The internal courtyard space optimises daylight, privacy and green spaces within the development and provides a shared space for residents. Individual apartments are designed to capitalise on attractive views to the Hunua Ranges in the east, and west across the Pahurehure inlet to the harbour. A modulated façade treatment and innovative use of exterior materials in an industrial palette serve to reduce the impression of bulk while ensuring privacy and protection from wind and sun for residents.

Great South Road, Papakura, Auckland

Project status: On the Boards 2017