Redoubt Ridge

Redoubt Ridge

Redoubt Ridge

161 unit terrace housing development

PB&A Lead Architect: Mathew Parker

• Affordable housing in new suburban development
• Community-focused design with high amenity for residents

A large subdivision on a sloping site with a narrow lot design presented both challenges and opportunities for a residential housing project. Following a brief to maximise design quality while keeping costs down, PBA generated 161 spacious, three storey townhouses, with up to 4 bedrooms, study and two separate living areas. Floor plans were efficiently designed to ensure the house footprint was maximised over the three levels, with floor access across different ground levels as required.

The general structure, layout and landform response for the site was carefully considered to maximise the quality of the new neighbourhood. Block sizes were kept smaller than standard to create more connection through the site and retaining structures and level changes were disguised within buildings rather than being exposed. Existing vegetation on the southern boundary was retained and protected, and the site was separated into two smaller development pockets with a green space in between. In addition, a landscaped pocket park with playground and a pedestrian link were located centrally to the development, ensuring community and connections for residents.

The success of the project has been evidenced by the sale of all houses in Stages 1 and 2 prior to the completion of construction. This new development in East Tamaki has now made a significant contribution to Auckland’s affordable housing stock, and created an authentic neighbourhood which will thrive and evolve in decades to follow.

Adamson Road, East Tamaki, Auckland

Project Status: Built 2016 (Stage 2)

PB&A Project Team: Paul Brown, Mathew Parker, Bill Rattenbury, James Dalton, Wai Wong, Jason Aleksich.

Project Partners: Reset (Landscape), Aurecon (Civil), Sullivan Hall (Structural), Holmes Fire (Fire), Brown & Company (Planner).

Client: Thomas & Adamson Limited