St Georges Road

St Georges Road


Budget: $25m

Construction: Resource Consent Approved

Architect: Matthew Parker

103 Residential Units

Three 5 story apartment blocks placed centrally on the site and four 3-story walk up type blocks located at the site boundaries. In addition 4 terrace houses were located at the north east corner, serviced by a new private driveway. This mix allowed for intense development of the site without compromising privacy and sun to the proposed buildings and their existing neighbours.

The brief from HNZ was for a robust, low maintenance palette of materials. The scheme uses two different colours of brick which are used within each building to accentuate and express the bays and articulation of the facade. The use of brick also connects back to the local history of brick making.

In order to reduce the apparent height of the 5 story buildings in particular a steel clad mansard type roof has been employed. This will form cladding and roof at L3 of the 3 story blocks, and at L4 and 5 of the 5 story blocks.